The Product Lab uniquely combines expert researchers, our 6-stage research process and our own customer panel, which is connected by online and in-home testing. Put your products or services under the ultimate microscope and reap the rewards.

Our Approach

A cutting-edge research space which transforms the average home into a real life laboratory for observing customer behaviour. We combine the latest online, field and in-home research techniques to bring you complete, unequivocal insight into your consumers’ lives and their use of your products and services. Read more about our approach

Expert Researchers

With over 15 years experience of testing products, concepts and usability, rising profits are guaranteed in the hands of our Lab experts. Read more about our expert researchers

Our Lab Panel

Screened, not only in standard demographics and region, but also with our adoption and digital lifestyle segmentation models, our panellists provide more in-depth, big picture insight than ever before. Read more about our lab panel

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