Sizing Up The Market

The Client: Overseas Energy Company
The Goal: Launch a new range of renewable energy products in the UK.

The Brief

  • Identify the optimum target market for renewable energy products in the UK.
  • Identify one product from the range to lead the UK market launch.

Lab Packages Utilised

Customer Review
Potential customer profiles are created

Via in-home interviews with our Lab Panel we took the company through the keyhole to highlight the impact of individual circumstances on the likelihood to buy renewable energy. Pen portraits of each potential customer were created by our experts for deeper stakeholder understanding and empathy.

Customer Profiling
3 target market segments are identified

Building on the pen portraits identified in the Customer Review, our Lab experts the investigation mainstream. By surveying the wider UK market they identified the consumer segments most likely to buy renewable energy products. Segments too small to warrant investment and those least likely to buy were eliminated. 3 target market segments and their size were detailed for the company.


  • The largest UK renewable energy target segment was identified.
  • One product was selected and refined for launch.
  • Return on investment was maximised

The company developed an existing product centred on the largest segment likely to buy renewable energy in the UK. A launch focused entirely on this niche was recommended and executed. Expenditure was reduced while brand awareness grew organically. The product’s market continues to expand today and sales continue to rise.

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