Out of the Rut

The Client: A Food Manufacturer
The Goal: Reverse declining sales of a fast moving consumer good.

The Brief

  • Evaluation of product marketing and promotion
  • Evaluation of product sales and distribution process

Lab Packages Utilised

Product Feedback
Under the spotlight... a complete review

Stepping into the lives of our Lab Panellists, our experts probed as they completed food item purchase diaries in real time and in-situ. No stone was left unturned; from in-store promotional materials, to pricing, packaging and labelling, to the product itself, the Lab feedback.

Specific questions ensured key areas were addressed whilst by free form journal entries allowed for customer innovation. Expert analysis revealed an overwhelming hole in the company’s messaging… In the eyes of the customer the product had no discernible USP.

Promotional Feedback
What's so special?

A follow-on internal workshop run by our experts using collaborative working techniques produced 5 brand messages considered by the company to carry the strongest USPs. We put these to the ultimate test in the Lab with a combination of creative qual techniques. 1 brand message was selected as the clear differenciator between the company's product and those of it's competitors.


  • The product name and labelling was developed in line with the new USP.
  • Product sales increased and profits rose.
  • The company grew its market share.

The company developed their product naming strategy and labelling in line with the unique sales point that held the most weight in the UK consumer market. Sales increased and a larger scale marketing strategy based on this revised messaging led to a much greater UK market share.

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