Fifteen to One

The Client: Mobile Telecoms Operator
The Goal: Develop a voice-to-text added value service

The Brief

  • Identify the most viable service concept for further investment.
  • Identify the primary target markets for this service concept.

Lab Packages Utilised

Concept Screening
15 concepts become 4

A Lab Panel sample of 1000’s stepped up to the plate embarking on our unique demand simulation survey to test the 15 concepts outlined by the company. Our Lab experts ensured a representative UK market sample large enough to conduct scalable analysis within specific customer segments as well the market in its entirety.

Benchmarks, defined by the company on this occasion, were used to map the concepts most likely to succeed overall; per target segment in terms of uniqueness and demand. 4 concepts make the cut.

Concept Testing
4 concepts are narrowed to 1

Our experts got up close and personal with the Lab Panellists in a series of face to face focus groups. Online pre and post tasks gave an even more in depth understanding of individual concepts views (independent of the group environment) further to which only 2 concepts remained. A reflective online discussion on price revealed a clear concept winner in terms of customer demand and potential ROI.


  • Additional capital for service prototyping was secured.
  • The selected service concept was developed.
  • Company profits rose / Return on investment was maximised.

The mobile telecoms operator selected the concept most favoured by the UK market as a whole. With an airtight business case for the concepts’ demand, they secured additional capital for prototype development. The upselling opportunities on launch saw company profits rise and they continue to do so.

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