A Competitive Edge

The Client: Utility Provider
The Goal: Increase competitive edge by enhancing online services

The Brief

  • Identify the most desirable online account features for existing customers.
  • Prioritise the features identified for concept testing.

Lab Packages Utilised

Idea Generation
A new range of online account features are proposed

By harnessing existing insight within the utility company and combining it with customer feedback from our own Discovery stage, we brought the utility customer to life in our internal Concept Lab. Collaborative working techniques saw positive participation from all the key stakeholders, and a new range of online account features were proposed.

Feature Development
Proposed online account features are put to the test

Our experts put the new online servicing features under the microscope in the Lab with a combination of the company’s’ existing customers and non-customers from our Lab Panel. An online brainstorm ran in 3 stages;

  • Participant input on the features identified in the concept workshop
  • Participant proposal of additional feature ideas
  • To the Vote: Prioritisation of proposed feature sets via participant voting system

A follow-on internal workshop apportioned cost to the feature set prioritised number 1 by existing and potential customers.


  • A superior online account proposition was launched.
  • Actual development costs came in below budget.
  • Customer retention increased.

The utility company redirected their focus to the online account features most desired by their customers, not those championed by designers prior to Product Lab involvement. A cheaper, more effective online account proposition was developed and customer retention percentages rose exponentially.

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