Drive future product and service improvement with customer feedback. Evaluate likes and dislikes, identify areas for improvement and push your profits to the max.

Product feedback

Getting feedback on existing products or services or on newly launched ones can be a vital step in maximising future sales.

Our product evaluations are in-depth and detailed. They can be either qualitative or quantitative in nature, pinpointing what customers like and dislike most.

Promotional feedback

Refine the sales message and make a big difference to your bottom line.

Using our unique qualitative techniques to scale opinion and provide recommendations this step ensures that your promotional materials are up to scratch.

Sales and distribution feedback

Is your distribution strategy right? Or are there obstacles in the customer facing purchasing process?

If so, you need to identify them fast and create a new strategy if you are going to meet your sales targets. Our analysis is quick and thorough – get feedback in a few days by using purchase diaries and reflective discussions from within our Lab Panel.

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Notices and promotions

  • Use customer feedback to grow sales

    See how we reversed the fortunes of our client, literally... Visit our Showcase

Our clients say…

  • Product Lab research continues to help our teams to better acquaint themselves with the interests, tastes and attitudes of different customers across brands, segments and markets. I would strongly recommend the Lab team to anyone looking for a comprehensive research solution.


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