Map the product or service benefits most desirable to each segment, develop specific communications for each and evaluate the sales method to create the ultimate marketing strategy.

Benefit mapping

For your product to fulfill its sales potential, the right benefits need to be identified and communicated to your target customers.

This step maps the needs of your target customers to the product features. A ‘benefit map’ is created identifying the most powerful messages that will appeal to each target segment.

Promotional testing

Product messaging is an art in itself. The success of a product is based just as much on the right promotion, as it is on the right product at the right price.

We improve the sales of your products and services through our unique ‘qual A/B testing’, providing scale and detail on any creative – and in record time! Add to that the more traditional methods of surveys and focus groups and we have a full range of options to evaluate marketing material – be it packaging, advertising, websites, emails or brochures and leaflets.

Sales and distribution evaluation

The final element of the marketing mix lies in your sales strategy.

By evaluating how customers currently buy similar products and services or by providing feedback on your new proposed sales strategy we evaluate your best sales distribution route. This step is most effective when using online feedback from our Lab Panel over a period of days – either in a reflective discussion or through individual purchase diaries.

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Notices and promotions

  • Promoting the benefits that matter

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