Identify the price that will generate the optimum return and develop a business case to set sales targets and secure investment.

Price analysis

Is your product or service set at the right price? Should you change your pricing strategy for different customer segments? Are you making the optimum amount of revenue?

These are typical questions that businesses have during a product’s lifecycle – sometimes when a price has to be set before launch but also when analyzing future sales opportunities of existing products and services. We test price sensitivity for you using specialist surveys and statistical analysis.

Demand analysis

We support you in building a business plan by predicting demand and likelihood to buy across various price points and within different customer segments.

Our analysis is complex and sophisticated, yet the results are simple and powerful, designed to get the attention of your Finance Director!

Customer forecasting

Our Lab experts identify which segment is most likely to buy your product or service and how sensitive they are to your pricing.

We forecast your sales from your target customer segment and outline the pricing model what will give you maximum return on investment.

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Our clients say…

  • Product Lab research continues to help our teams to better acquaint themselves with the interests, tastes and attitudes of different customers across brands, segments and markets. I would strongly recommend the Lab team to anyone looking for a comprehensive research solution.


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