Create new product concepts or extensions and evaluate the must-have features in line with consumer demand.

Idea generation

Generate new product and service concepts by using customer feedback to inspire their development.

Using our unique Concept Lab workshop we bring your customers to life to pinpoint opportunities for innovation. Collaborative working techniques get the creative juices flowing and ensure the positive participation of stakeholders.

Feature evaluation

Draw on the creativity of customers to identify and prioritise the features they want.

Frequently, the feature priorities will differ between customer segments, so we ensure sampling that highlights these differences. Our Lab Panel can identify customers with different levels of creativity and whether they are innovators, early adopters or follow the majority.

Concept development

Evaluate and choose the combination of features that will deliver maximum profitability.

Use this step work out which product features will deliver you the best return on investment. This step requires the use of trade-off analysis and our experts are able to guide you on the various statistical choices available. We have also developed unique qualitative trade-off techniques, which are available in several formats.

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