Identify gaps in the market to fuel innovation. Discover who your customer is; how they live, how they shop, what they’re buying and what they’re not.

Market review

Get a powerful insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your competition so that you can identify gaps in the market or new opportunities for your existing products and services.

This step includes an evaluation of both secondary data sources and primary feedback from consumers for an in-depth understanding of buying behaviour in your target market.

Customer review

Understand what makes your target customers tick; what influences their decisions and what they think about the products or services they use.

Use the unique online and in-home research techniques provided by our Lab to observe your customers' day to day lives through our in-depth qualitative techinques including diary studies, interviews and in-home study.

Customer profiling

Pinpoint the ideal customer segment for your product or service, profile their attitudes and behaviour and assess the potential size of your target market.

This step is based on the collection and analysis of quantitative data from your target market by our Lab experts but can also include in-depth pen-portraits to bring each segment to life. These can be conveniently added from our own Lab Panel.

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  • Identifying the right customer segment

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