Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture Range: Hit or Miss?

Wireless charging bedside table charing smartphone while woman sleeps

A week ago Ikea announced the launch of a wireless charging furniture range, Home Smart, including lamps, bedside tables and a coffee table. Clever stuff in theory but in practice, will the Home Smart table be taking over the UK living room? And at what price? Our Lab Reporter investigates.

When I heard about the new wireless charging furniture from Ikea I was very excited. No more hide and seek with the, oh so precious phone charger. I can just come home and pop it on the coffee table safe in the knowledge that I will never miss that all-important phone call. Brilliant!

I think Ikea’s new Home Smart range will be a hit among the cable overloaded Smartphone users out there. Time for a little consumer feedback to test my theory and the Product Lab Research Panel were not to be found wanting.

So far so good with a massive 74% of Product Lab panellists agreeing they would buy a piece of wireless charging furniture. But before we all run off to buy Ikea shares there appears to be a substantial condition to the UK consumer’s purchase of this new tech…

45% would only buy IF the furniture item matches their existing home décor. ‘It would have to be a piece of furniture that would fit with my decor and the room it was going in.’ Ah, how likely is that with only a few lamps and tables to choose from?

Many commented that the Home Smart range would be more suited to an office, ‘the furniture featured is not that attractive to have in the home but it could be great for a business’. There were also suggestions that it would be great to see tech like this in public places.

The other burning issue is of course price. Of those who would buy an item of wireless charging furniture, half are only prepared to pay up to 5% more for the privilege with 25% willing to pay between 6% and 10% more. ‘If it fit in with other furniture and was a reasonable price it would be fantastic.’ Something to consider when you roll out those bar codes Ikea.

Overall then, a pretty good result for the Swedish furniture giant but it would be better perhaps if they were to offer all ranges with an inbuilt wireless charging option at an additional cost of 5% to 10%. We are very home proud over here in the UK and will sacrifice the convenience of a wireless charging lamp if it doesn’t match the curtains. Until it does, send our Home Smart order to the office please.

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