Are we all as app crazy as they make out?

There seems to be an app for everything these days; Need help with your banking? There’s an app for that! Need help with your running? There’s an app for that! Need help turning your Facebook Profile Picture into a zombie look alike? You get the picture.

To add insult to injury the media seem to be pushing the ‘every app for every eventuality’ through the news at the moment…but you know it is January so what better way to help you with your resolutions…

With this in mind I began to wonder about how many apps people really use and how often they use them? Do we really use an entire dashboard of apps on a daily basis?

Let’s start with social media (personally I use my Facebook and Twitter app about every two minutes) and, in fact, so do 55% of my panel pals who reported using social media apps every single day. Interestingly most of the panel mentioned Facebook in the forum – with just a small handful mentioning Twitter, Instagram or other social networks.

High on the list of ‘Apps to use in 2015’ (mentioned in the news) were travel apps, so I decided to ask my panel pals if they used apps to book travel, keep track of itineraries or check in online. Surprisingly only 10% of the panel used these type of apps on a monthly basis and only 7% were using them once a week. 36% of the people I asked never even used these apps.

Other apps that were predicted to be the ‘next big thing’ such as fitness apps and diary management apps scored high on the ‘never use’ scale with 71% and 49% respectively. However budgeting and banking apps proved popular with usage ranging from 2-3 times a week to once a week.

So what do you think about all this? Are you pro-apps, using a range of different apps on a daily basis? Do you stick to the old faithful social media apps? Or do tend not to use them?

If you’re considering bringing an app to market you may have a few things to think about…the clever lot at Product lab can advise you on what’s best.

Oh best be off my Yo app just Yo’d at me and you know how addictive that can get.


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