Will wearable tech kick-start a healthy New Year?

A new emerging landscape of wearable technology seems to be on the horizon and after Product Lab expert, Paul, wrote about smart tech becoming a Christmas trend this year I got to thinking about how my panel pals felt about the prospect of wearables being a ‘thing’.

After doing a bit of research online I noticed that many of the smart watches promote health apps, activity trackers, heart beat monitors, calorie counters, sleep trackers and aim to help with all manner of sports activities…a great development in technology for someone like me (I often drop my phone in a puddle while trying to track progress out running).

First up I asked my panel pals if wearable tech was something they were interested in, would they consider purchasing a piece of wearable tech in the future? Now this is rare but there was an exact 50/50 split among the panel. 50% said yes, 50% said no. Interesting…

Next...I was intrigued to find out what they thought about wearable tech. Was it a great technological development? Would they, like me, consider using a piece of smart tech for monitoring health, or were they more of the opinion that it was a fad? Interestingly 41% of my panel pals felt that wearable technology was a great way to monitor health and activity, with 28% agreeing that it was an exciting place for technology to be going. Other members of the panel felt that wearable tech was a great way to organise their life on the move, while others agreed smart tech complimented their other mobile devices.

Of course a few did think that running along staring at your wrist may be a bit of fad...but were quick to point out that once upon a time smart phones were considered the very same. 

So...what's your take on this will wearable tech kick-start a healthy New Year? Will we see a host of runners staring at their wrists come January? If you've got a health product and you need to find out the opinions of the masses drop the clever folk at Product Lab a quick email...your customer knows what they want to buy so get in on the knowledge. 

Now I must dash I need to pick the strap colour of my Jawbone Up24 it needs to match my running leggings don't you know...


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