Tablet, Smart Phone, Kindle who will win the battle when it comes to reading?

I was reading an interesting article yesterday about the rise and fall in popularity of the Kindle and the humble book, and with Christmas quickly approaching I got to thinking about reading devices, and the effect this has on people's buying choices.

Interestingly the article had suggested the rise in the use of smart phones and tablets had led to a decrease in the popularity of the book and the Kindle device as a consumer choice. I’m a great advocate of the physical book…I love the feel of the paper…the sound of the page turning…the smell (do I sound weird yet?)so I was intrigued to find out what my panel pals thought about all this…

Were people really choosing their smartphones over books and other devices?

As you may expect this type of question caused a rather large debate…especially among the ‘bookie’ types who were great advocates of the ‘old-fashioned’ paperback. In fact rather surprisingly to me majority of my panel pals told me that they don’t use technology whilst reading – opting, instead, for a simple book.

Yet more surprisingly I found that only 14% of my panel pals used their smartphone for reading, (in fact contradicting the article) instead opting for a Kindle or tablet device…

Lot's of the panel pointed out that this depended on what they were reading; so if they were reading at length they were more likely to opt for a bigger screened device (if they didn't have a physical book with them). Smaller 'snippets' of information i.e. short blogs, brief news articles were more popular on a smart phone (especially when on the move). Travel also played a part on device choice as Kindle's and Tablets enabled people to carry multiple reading material in one place.

What's your take on this? Is the Tablet mighter than the smart phone? Is a Kindle the way forward or are you a fan of the old fashioned book when it comes to reading? 

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