Have Our Supermarkets De-valued The Easter Egg Gift?

Chocolate Easter Egg Gift Wrapped in a Bow

According to the papers this week, the price of an Easter egg in our supermarkets has fallen through the floor over recent years. Have these retail giants de-valued the gift of an Easter egg in a cheap bid to get us through the door? Or are they rightly responding to demand for greater value from the UK consumer? Our Lab Reporter investigates.

A fair few years ago, I can remember hours in Woolworths carefully selecting the right type of Easter egg for each family member with no discounts or promotions in sight. I loved it and I loved giving the Easter egg gift. Now, I admit to snapping up the bargains in Asda for the family and friends where I can. Is that wrong? If it is the thought that counts, does price matter? Time for a little customer feedback.

Right off the bat, I was delighted to find that 74% of Product Lab Research Panel will definitely be buying eggs this year. The Easter bunny is safe. And more interestingly, well over half of that 74% will be buying a mixture of discounted and luxury eggs. Perhaps the Easter egg gift hasn’t been de-valued by the supermarket deals; rather they fulfill one consumer need while the premium priced luxury egg fulfills another.

I wanted to know more, particularly who it is that we are buying both types of egg for…

Clearing up the discounted egg market with a massive 45% of our research panellists planning to buy this type of Easter Egg for them; the children. ‘Having two children I'll be buying the cheaper eggs (Cadburys, Nestle, etc.). As long as the Easter bunny comes and brings any kind of chocolate they will be happy!’

After the children, the luxury egg market goes to our partners with a quarter of UK consumers most likely to splash out on their other half. ‘For my partner, I will be buying a more expensive egg, which has less gimmicks, and better quality chocolate.’ Aw, it’s nice to see that the adults still get a look in and that Easter is bringing a little romance with it in the 00’s?

Overall then, nobody is particularly concerned that the gift of an Easter egg has been de-valued by the discounts and deals on offer at our supermarkets today. Where the product is suitable for the recipient we are indeed embracing the value and it doesn’t stop us buying more expensive eggs in addition.

From a consumer standpoint I can’t fault the supermarkets for their involvement in the Easter egg parade. They are simply servicing a market segment with the right product, at the right price, in the right place. It’s our Product Lab motto realised. Job done.

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  • Nicolle Hargadon

    02 April 2015, 4.32pm

    Last year I splashed out on thorntons eggs and was a bit dissapointed as I found it maybe too rich for me and I would rather have a cadburys egg which you get the egg and a couple of my favourite chocolate bars too. I probably won't ever spend more than a few pounds on an egg again.

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