The rise of the silver sofa surfer...

I’m just going to set a quick scene for you: Saturday night, Pyjamas, trashy telly, a nice glass of the red stuff in one hand and my iPad in the other doing a bit of online shopping…and according to Product Labs post-Christmas survey results I’m not the only one.

It’s no surprise that we, as a nation, seem to be online shopping converts, in my personal opinion what could be better than shopping from the comfort of your couch? But, after seeing the results from my panel pals post-Christmas survey I was surprised to see that in fact 85% of consumers used online shopping to buy presents this past Christmas.

Surprisingly (and this is only down to first-hand experience of my mother’s computer use) the age group most likely to make purchases online were 45-54 year olds. The most common reason for this (at a whopping 79%) was down to convenience, well aren’t we a lazy lot! Others reported that online shopping was less stressful, there was more choice and they were able to get better prices.

I began to wonder if online shopping differed depending on gender, so after delving deeper into the survey I found what I was looking for…

Now I thought men would be much more likely to shop online but in fact the panel pals reported that men were twice as likely to be put OFF shopping online due to concerns about delivery times. Although after putting two and two together this could have been due to the fact that just under two thirds of men left it until December to do their Christmas shopping!

So, how about you? Are you a sofa surfer when it comes to online gift shopping? And if so is this down to less stress and more convenience?

If you’ve got a product that you think would appeal to an online audience why not give the experts at Product Lab a quick call? They can help you establish whether you’re aiming for the right market.

Me? Well I should probably close the 15 online store tabs I've got open...

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  • Amanda Bateman

    13 February 2015, 9.29am

    Being someone that just about falls into the 45 - 54 age category, I can confirm that I rather like shopping on line. When I was young, free and single with a disposable income, I liked nothing better than trudging around the shops looking for a bargain, however, now that none of the above applies, on top of which I'm holding down a full-time job and raising a family, the thought of traipsing around the shops appalls me - there's much more to life. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to go shopping occasionally, but for one-off items which are easily obtainable online it's a no-brainer. However, I do like to shop in-store at Christmas time, partly for the atmosphere and partly for inspiration and I won't buy my groceries online, although I hate the weekly shop with a passion, I would rather choose my own products in-store than sit on a computer choosing foodstuffs - doesn't feel right!


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