Huge UK Market Potential For Kopparberg’s New Frozen Cider

Kopparberg frozen fruit cider pouch which is the world's first frozen cider

Kopparberg is set to launch ‘the world’s first frozen cider’. Available in the UK imminently, the Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime flavoured cider pouches are reported to be tapping into the ‘American trend for frozen drinks’. But never mind America my fellow Brits! Let’s find out what the UK consumer thinks. Will they partake? And are they happy with the Kopparberg flavours selected to go frozen?

I am not a great frozen drinks fan but judging by the number of my friends who load their alcohol fueled glasses with ice on a hot summers day I think I am the odd one out. I can’t really see how Kopparberg can go wrong here – there has to be a UK market out there for frozen flavoured cider, it’s a natural product extension. Time for a little market research with the Product Lab Research Panel.

And a market there is. With 55% of our research panelists who do drink alcohol agreeing that they would buy Kopparberg’s frozen cider in either Strawberry & Lime, Elderflower & Lime or both flavours. ‘Love the sound of these. I would definitely buy them’. It’s going to be a very merry summer I feel.

What was even more interesting was that 26% of the consumers who would buy Kopparberg’s frozen cider don’t currently drink Kopparberg cider itself, 8% don’t even drink cider. That’s fantastic news for the beverage innovator, not only are they cementing their existing market share but they are growing it. ‘I don't drink Kopparberg but I would love to try this.’

I had to probe further, a great result for Kopparberg so far but could it be even better? Indeed it could…

I asked the Product Lab panel if they would buy Kopparberg’s frozen cider if they could choose from any of the existing Kopparberg cider drink flavours and right off the bat the percentage that would rose to 68%. Raspberry and Mixed Fruit flavours just piped the proposed Strawberry & Lime, Elderflower & Lime to the post in frozen popularity. ‘I'd love frozen cider but they'd have to do more than just two flavours, my favourite is Mixed Fruit.’ There were also new cider flavours suggested for the frozen range, ‘peach or mango’ as well as an alcohol free option.

And here’s the unexpected insight gem. Equal in demand to Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime flavours was Naked Apple, Kopparberg’s traditional cider equivalent. It seems our traditional cider drinkers want in on the frozen beverage craze too. ‘I love cider but not a fan of flavoured cider. Would certainly try an apple version though. Great idea for the summer.’

Overall then, good times ahead for Kopparberg. They might have been a little better had two alternative cider flavours been selected for frozen launch but 55% is a still a sizeable entry market. And there is certainly scope for growth with the addition of new flavours. Elsewhere, traditional cider manufacturers get on that frozen gravy train! Your customer’s are waiting.

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