The 3 Types Of Customer Feedback That Your Business Needs

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Your number 1 aim as a business should be ‘to grow my sales’! In which case, your second aim should be to evaluate customer feedback.

Evaluating feedback is the best way to grow your business. The lifeblood of every successful business is innovation and improvement. If you are struggling to innovate, then keep reading, because the secret of success can be found in 3 types of feedback.

Product Feedback

Evaluate what people like and dislike about your product and ideas for new product development or product extensions will instantly form. Product feedback is about researching the product features that your customers use, which they value most and what they would like to see changed or added. Ask them how they use your product or service and what they need it for too; this will help you to identify areas for improvement even if your customer can’t articulate them directly.

Promotional Feedback

Promotional feedback is, as it says, about how you promote your service or product. Don’t just think about adverts here; evaluate packaging and Point Of Sale promotions as well. I would say in most cases, packaging and POS are more important than advertising. Ask consumers what made them buy your product and examine the decision making process.

Don’t just say, ‘do you like this ad?’ This doesn’t tell you how to improve or change, it just makes you feel good or bad! At the Product Lab, we frequently break packaging and adverts down into specific elements to research which stand out and why. What do people notice or remember? What message is being portrayed and which features do they think are being referred to?

Sales Feedback

Businesses should always ask for sales feedback and yet many don’t. Asking consumers about the barriers to purchase is one of the quickest ways to increase sales! Talk to customers who bought as well as those that didn’t buy. Ask them about the motivations that got them to the buying stage, the fears or worries they experienced (helps to create messages of reassurance) or barriers that may have slowed the purchase down. Seek to understand who else was involved in the purchase decision too and how that may have influenced the experience.

So there you have it, make it your priority to put each of these in place today. They will give your business what it needs to fuel innovation and continuous improvement, leading to better products, services, websites and marketing and most importantly, increasing sales.

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