Clean Heels storm the Dragons' Den

Imagine it’s June, a gorgeous summer’s day at the wedding of a friend. You’ve got your new frock on and a pair of killer heels to boot, the champagne is flowing and life is good when you make your way down the hotel steps to the marque for the wedding breakfast… and promptly shrink by 3 inches as your heels sink into the grass!

More than once I have spent hours tiptoeing around a garden at a wedding to no avail. Somehow I still find myself barefoot with my once beautiful little shoes 2 metres behind me wedged in the soil. So when I read about Clean Heels, the first company to secure funding on the news series of Dragons’ Den, I was fascinated and I wasn’t the only one.

The Product Lab Research Panel on: Clean Heels

Our Product Lab research panellists have been waxing lyrical about Clean Heels since their appearance on the Dragons’ Den episode with 33% of women saying that they would wear them and another 43% saying they might. ‘What a brilliant idea. Not only for soft grass but to protect wooden floors from stiletto marks.’ My thoughts exactly.

Clean Heels start at £4.99 and in another Product Lab win for Ally Stevenson, the company founder, the majority of female panellists would pay between £4.00 and £4.99 for a set. Spot on. 15% of those who would buy would even pay £5.00 and upwards. What did make me giggle was the price considered reasonable by our male panellists, between £1.00 and £1.99. I think it’s fair to say they don’t place the same value on our high heels as we do ladies.

Given the excitement around these ingenious little gadgets by the majority of our research panel, I was intrigued by the 24% of ladies who wouldn’t consider it so I delved deeper.

There seemed to be a concern about the appearance of the Clean Heel stopper among our female research panellists who hadn’t seen the Dragons’ Den demonstration. For those who had seen the programme these fears were laid to rest, ‘I thought they would look unsightly… but when they were demonstrated on Dragon's Den, you couldn't see them when walking on grass’.

Others were worried about how easy they are to ‘how easy they are to put on and take off.’ And I have to admit this was my only reservation. If they are easy to put on won’t they fall off? And if they are very tight around the heel won’t they strip the leather? But when I went back to watch the Dragons’ Den pitch again, Deborah Meaden didn’t seem concerned. Good enough for Deborah Meaden, good enough for me.

So overall, an absolute product winner! With a large number of Product Lab panel ladies suggesting that Clean Heels should be included in the box when you purchase a pair of heels, ‘especially the expensive heeled shoes’. Quite right ladies, are you listening Jimmy Choo? Ooo, I feel a bit of shopping coming on...

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  • Javier Freire-Banos

    05 February 2015, 4.38pm

    An interesting set of results, which makes it look as if they would be in demand.

  • Amanda Bateman

    13 February 2015, 9.21am

    Now we just need someone to invent something to protect your heels when they go down the cracks in the pavements. There's nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes for the first time and rucking all of the leather on your heel because of a large gap in the paving stones. When I was younger they used to sell sticky-backed plastic protectors which you could stick onto your heels so that when this happened they took the brunt of the damage but surely with the huge leaps in technology someone could produce a clear paint that you could apply to prevent this happening.

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