Drink whisky like Beckham

I would like to start this blog with a bold statement. I would buy toilet roll if it had David Beckham’s face on it. No I have not gone crazy…lets put this in context…Mr B, himself, recently teamed up with Simon Fuller (him of Spice Girls fame) and Diageo to launch a single grain scotch whisky called Haig Club.

As an aside I don’t drink whisky (I’m much more of a wine gal) but THAT advert (if you haven’t seen it, watch it NOW) David riding through the Scottish highlands on a motorbike with leathers on…I digress. The point is now I’ve seen this I want to drink whisky, which got me to thinking about celebrity endorsement.

Does celebrity endorsement affect our buying choices? Are we more likely to purchase a product if its got a celebrity face plastered a long the side of it? Cue panel pals!

I’ll just tell you now that the panel feel very strongly about celebrity endorsement, and while I obediently snap up anything with Beckhams finely chiselled jaw on it, 77% of people I asked were not more likely to buy a product because it was endorsed by a celebrity (just me then). Even more interestingly was the fact that most of the panel were of the opinion that celebrity endorsement actually put them off the product, whilst a very (very) small percentage would buy a celebrity endorsed perfume, but were quick to point out that this was pure coincidence that they liked the smell!

What’s your view on this? Does celebrity endorsement put you off a product? Or like me do you snap everything your favourite celebrity promotes?

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In the mean time I’ll just get back to my one woman David Beckham fan club whilst I sip my whiskey…


  • Paul Hudson

    25 November 2014, 5.21pm

    A very interesting read but I do wonder whether all consumers claim they aren't impacted by celebrity endorsement but actually are! People always claim not to be impacted by advertising but they are, otherwise we wouldn't have such a large advertising industry. Likewise, Iceland wouldn't have gone back to using celebrity (using Peter Andre in the Christmas ads) if it didn't sell more product!

  • Pam Taylor

    25 November 2014, 5.27pm

    very interesting!

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