Tis the season of giving…ones opinion: the cost of Christmas

Yesterday I was reading an interesting article in the Telegraph about Christmas present buying in which it suggested that us Brits far out spend other Europeans and even Americans during the festive season.

Now I’m a bit of a budget girl when it comes to Christmas. I set an amount for each person and I try to stick to it (I may add that there’s no limit on the items I gift myself during this period – there’s so many great shoe deals at this time of year!) Which got me thinking about consumer spending habits. How much do we really spend on each other at this time of year? Do other people budget like I do?

The Panel Pals LOVE Christmas questions you know with it being the season of giving…ones opinion. Surprisingly a massive 68% of the panel reported that they tended to set themselves a budget when buying presents but not when it came to festive food and drink (time to indulge on the wine and chocolates).

Now to spending...52% of the panel said that they intended to spend under £250 on Christmas presents for others which doesn’t reek of excess to me...with 41% of the panel saying that they used coupons or vouchers to cover the cost of Christmas gifts. 

What do you think about all this? Are you a keen budgetor like me or do you tend to just spend anything...and if so how much is considered too much in your eyes? 

For those of you considering if your product could appeal to us mince pie fuled festive spenders then the clever lot at Product Lab have all the answers.

Right back to sourcing gifts...apparently my dad wants a moth collector for Christmas...which is proving rather hard to find. 


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